Parent Agreement 家长协议
  1. To take an active role in their children’s education and in the life of the school. This means talking to the child each day and being well informed about personal and educational progress; helping with homework tasks when necessary but not doing homework for your child. Parents are encouraged not to hire tutors to teach students at home.
  2. To communicate regularly and in a polite, collegial manner with the school. This means responding in a timely manner to school communications, attending all required school meetings and conferences, behaving in a respectful way towards all school staff, and communicating any concerns to the teacher or school administration in a polite manner and at an appropriate time of day.
  3. To abide by all current and future school rules and policies as determined by the board and administration. This means helping your child accept and learn from their mistakes or misbehaviour and supporting SWIS to ensure the good educational and personal progress of your child.
  4. To take full responsibility for payment of fees. Even when fees are paid by a company or other organization, parents have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that fees have been paid in a timely manner; otherwise, late payment penalties may be incurred.
  5. Photos of students may appear in school publications, newspaper and other advertisements, brochures, and on the website. Parents who do not want their child to appear in such media must notify the admission office in writing.
  6. It will be the responsibility of applying families to ensure that reference forms are returned to the school in a timely and confidential manner.
  7. Any misreported or unreported information in this application may result in the student’s placement offer being rejected or, if already accepted, being asked to withdraw. Documents submitted with this application will not be returned.
If parents are not able to act according to the above guidelines, they may be asked to withdraw their child from school.
  1. 积极参与子女的学习和学校活动。这意味着家长需要每天和孩子讨论在学校的学习和生活情况;必要时给予孩子帮助,但是不能替孩子做作业。学校建议家长不要为孩子请家教。  
  2. 能定期与学校进行礼貌和平等的交流。这意味着能及时和学校交流,参加需要参加的学校会议,尊重学校所有的教职员工。礼貌地在合适的时间向学校教师或行政人员反映问题。
  3. 遵守学校理事会和管理层制订的所有规章制度。这意味着帮助孩子学会承认错误并从错误中学习;支持学校有助于孩子个人发展的良好教育。
  4. 为应支付的费用负全责。即使在由公司或其它单位支付学生学杂费的情况下,学生家长仍然应负责保证费用的及时支付,以免产生滞纳金。
  5. 学生的照片会可能出现在学校刊物、报纸和其他广告媒体、宣传手册、网站上。家长若不希望子女出现在此类媒体上,必须书面通知招生办公室。
  6. 家长应负责确保学校及时及保密地收到推荐信/表。
  7. 申请材料中信息存在错误、虚假、或有意隐瞒的现象将可能会导致申请无效。若在学校发出录取通知后查出,则可能要求学生退学。所有提交的申请资料将不予返还。